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Coming soon we have general courses for anyone who wants more information about medical cannabis.

You may be a patient researching whether this medicine may work for you. You may be a medical practitioner, a pharmacist or nurse keen to have more information. We will try to bring you the latest information that we can so you can educate yourself about this fascinating plant and how it is being used as medicine.


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How We Teach

Our courses are available online so you can study anywhere you have online access. We try to keep the courses simple to follow, breaking down complex information into diagrams and simple explanations. For the more serious student we bring you all the latest medical literature and chemistry on cannabis and its rapid uptake around the world. If you are a medical or pharmaceutical practice or an organisation needing more assistance, we have a consultancy service available – so we can come to you and talk to your team directly. If you require a more tailored course, we can do that too!