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is not intended as a resource for medical advice. It is an educational tool for researching aspects of cannabis medicine is an independent education website providing evidence-based information to those interested in upskilling their knowledge about all elements of the use of cannabis as medicine. This controversial plant is millions of years old- older than humans- and we have used it for medicine in pre-history, long before 20th prohibition drove its use and cultivation underground. Now as medical science learns more, cannabis is being decriminalised and made available as important medicine for a range of human ailments. These courses help you understand why this dramatic shift is occurring and how you need to get on board by expanding your own knowledge about what the cannabis plant can do for you.

Skills We Teach


Legal Prescribing for medical practitioners


General information about cannabis as medicine


Plant Chemistry and methods of extraction


How to overcome biases caused by lengthy prohibition

Our Instructors

Bridget Goodwin (PhD) has a background in education and publishing.  She hold postgraduate diplomas in Western Herbal Medicine and Apitherapy and her special areas of interest are medical herbalism, evidence based aromatherapy, apitherapy and organic skincare formulations. Bridget Goodwin also runs www.dermaltherapycollege.com which specialises in high-tech and anti-ageing treatments and training for doctors and beauty therapists. Bridget Goodwin PhD has made a study of the latest plasma and laser devices for anti-ageing treatment and she has studied the latest research in how natural products like cannabis, herbs and bee products can be combined for powerful skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments and products. Surprisingly to some, cannabis is emerging as an active ingredient and the hot new anti-ageing, anti-psoriasis and anti-acne skin treatment. Information contained herein is not intended as medical advice but for information to those interested in researching health options.