Bee Medicine and Cannabis, Wow!

ReadyforCannabis is participating in the World Apitherapy Congress because we’re smart enough to know that bee medicine and cannabis are delightfully harmonious.

Our author, Dr Bridget Goodwin, is giving a paper at the conference about the synergies between bee medicine and cannabis for skincare as well as general health. Her peer reviewed paper on treating basal cell carcinoma – skin cancer- is also being featured.

Meanwhile you can check out the delightfully creative conference building we can all attend, with no excuses about international flights being grounded. This is not one where you’ll have to come up with a pricey plane ticket, because you can stroll around the whole building from wherever you connect online.

If we’ve all learnt one thing from COVID its how to zoom! Check out how creative the World Apitherapy Federation have been with their entire virtual conference building designed for us to attend around the world via zoom.
The “virtual conference building” is complete with exhibition stands and conference halls for the main speakers. The conference begins today in Turkey and includes speakers from around the world over the next week , check it out!
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